Red Meat & Throat, Stomach Cancers Linked

Red Meat & Throat, Stomach Cancers Linked – According to a new study released yesterday, those who eat red meats regularly are at more of a risk of developing throat and stomach cancers than those who don’t eat red meat at all, or those who eat very little. The study suggests that only a small number of adults had developed throat and stomach cancers with red meat being one of the factors involved, but the risk was significantly greater.

Another thing that was mentioned in the study is that those who eat processed meat on a regular basis have a greater risk of developing stomach cancer. Of course, experts say that there is no definite proof that consuming red meat can add to the risk of stomach and throat cancers. However, it certainly adds fuel to the fire over the debate as to whether consuming red meat regularly can be linked to getting these types of cancer.

Many people are likely to be very worried about the results which were published yesterday. However, as the researchers have already said, there is no conclusive proof, and more research will be needed in order to come up with some answers. The study has already sparked debates online, with many people dismissing the study as another scare tactic as there have been many in the past. Although many others agree that there is a link between the consumption of red meet and stomach and throat cancer.

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