Laptop On Laps & Sperm Quality Linked

Laptop On Laps & Sperm Quality Linked – According to a new study, using a laptop on the lap may be potentially damaging to sperm cells. Of course, there is not actually a lot that can be done about this, as the whole point of the laptop is so that it can be used on the lap. However, there is always the option to use it on a desk, or on top of something which can be used on the lap.

According to the study, there were twenty nine young men who were involved in the study and the temperatures of their scrotum were measured during the study. Reports suggest that even those involved in the study that used a laptop pad underneath the laptop were still increasing in temperature quickly.

According to studies, nearly one in six couples in the United States of America have trouble conceiving when they are trying to start a family, and the majority of these were due to problems with male infertility. Usually, the temperature of the scrotum is a few degrees cooler than the rest of the body in order to protect the sperm cells.

Experts say that there has been no significant research to suggest that using a laptop can definitely damage the sperm, but there has been research to suggest that increasing the temperature of the sperm by one degree can cause damage, so it stands to reason that laptop usage could mean trouble.

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