Electronic Cigarette : Can It Help Quit Smoking?

You may have seen the electronic cigarette stands popping up in your local malls, or seen the ads online that have become much more frequent over the course of the last few months. Thousands of smokers nationwide are turning towards the electronic cigarette, which has been described as healthier and safer than normal cigarettes. It is a type of nicotine replacement therapy, much like the gum and lozenges, that have helped people to quit smoking.

With the Obama Administration hiking up the taxes on cigarettes, more people have become interested in innovative ways to quit smoking. Basically, the e-cigarette looks exactly like a typical tobacco cigarette. However, they contain no tobacco, tar, and carcinogens, and only contain the nicotine that the smoker is looking for. Onlinemedialive.com

It is a battery-powered device that provides the user with inhalable doses of nicotine. Of course, some have said that it is hard to determine the right amount that you need to smoke to deal with your craving, but nonetheless the electronic cigarettes have become an effective way to quit smoking. The electronic cigarette emits a pleasant odor, and gives the user a similar sensation to the one they experience when they smoke a normal cigarette.

The inhaling action makes the e-cigarette vaporize the nicotine, releasing it as a vapor into the lungs of the smoker. The smoke that is produced is mostly harmless, and is much better on the lungs than the smoke of a normal cigarette. Using the device eliminates many of the dangers that smoking poses.

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