Emmett Hanger: Virginia Lawmaker Wants To Castrate Sex Offenders, Treatment Too Costly

One Virginia lawmaker has put out a somewhat radical idea: using castration as a means of punishing sex offenders.

There is no doubt that Senator Emmett Hanger’s new proposed bill is controversial and it would initiate a study as to whether the state of Virginia should start to castrate its sex offenders instead of simply getting them into treatments programs after they are done serving jail time.

Former governor Timothy Kaine vetoed a bill that was similar to the one that Hanger is proposing back in 2007 so it did not end up going through.

Critics of Hanger’s proposed policy say that it is barbaric and wrong but he is defending it as much as possible, saying that it is an effective way to stop these sorts of crimes.

Hanger has been quotes a saying that castration for sex offenders would greatly reduce the costs on the state and it would present a cure for sex offenders so they wouldn’t commit such crimes ever again.

The senator does not think that the proposal is extreme or radical in the least, saying that although it is not something to discuss in polite conversation, it is still a good idea.

The idea of castrating sex offenders has long been a controversial issue and one that Hanger is fighting for.

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