Four Loko Banned In New York

Four Loko Banned In New York – A small deli in New York says that they are happy to see Four Loko banned in the state.
The State Liquor Authority is responsible for stopping the shipment of the insanely popular drink to the entire state. Four Loko comes in a 2.35 once can and there are a few different flavors available for those who like it, including watermelon, fruit punch, and lemonade.

Store owners across the state claim that they would prefer to see young people come in their stores to buy fruit drinks before going off to their high school classes instead of the dangerous drink.
Many claim that the drink pushes underage people to become heavy drinkers later on. One senator from New York said that because the beverage contains caffeine it tends to wake up those who drink it, encouraging them to consume more. The State Liquor Authority responded to a massive amount of pressure from all ends, deciding one and for all to stop shipments of the drink.

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