Risk Of Heart Attack Higher In Women With Demanding Jobs

Risk Of Heart Attack Higher In Women With Demanding Jobs – A recent study has revealed something interesting, if gender-biased. Women are more likely than men to experience cardiovascular problems in high-stress jobs. This study comes as a shock to many who previously did not believe that women were more susceptible to cardiovascular disease from stress-related working condition than men. In fact, their risk of having these health problems from their jobs is around 88% higher than men. This study consisted of over 17,000 women and ten years of research. It is to date one of the most comprehensive studies ever launched into how stressful jobs can have a negative impact on the heart.

After the study was officially completed, the data gathered was presented to the American Heart Association. This study uses a somewhat interesting definition of what a stressful job is considered as being. A job which can have significant repercussions on a woman’s heart health is one where she is not allowed to use her creative mind and is instead reduced to menial tasks which require little to no real skill to perform them. The study also found something very important, that enough stress is actually able to release excess adrenaline into the body which can have long-term negative effects on the heart.

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