Haiti Cholera Epidemic Worsens

Haiti Cholera Epidemic Worsens – The hundreds of shallow graves in Haiti are filling up with recent victims from the Cholera epidemic which is currently raging over there. Numerous hospitals in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, are filling up and become makeshift emergency clinics for those who are in dyer need of medical attention. The number of those who have died from cholera so far is over 900 and growing on a near daily basis. The main problem that Haitians are trying to compete with is the fact that they do not have enough hospital staff members and resources to treat those who are coming in.

Hospitals and clinics are quickly being overrun by the dozens of people who now have cholera. It is an extremely contagious illness which spreads like wildfire. It has gotten to the point where the United Nations is now asking for $164 million in order to bring over a greater number of doctors, medical supplies, and other things which could be used to treat those who are infected. It has become a full scale epidemic with no way to take care of all the people who are getting sick and filling up hospitals all across the country. New pits are dug daily at cemeteries all over the island for those who keep dying as the number increases steadily.

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