Free Flu Shots to Uninsured at CVS & Walgreens

Free Flu Shots to Uninsured at CVS & Walgreens – Pharmacies inside of CVS and Walgreens will now be proving the annual flu shot to individuals that are uninsured. The Flu is a very serious matter to the Centers for Disease Control, and they have been looking for ways to minimize its effect year in and year out. The flu is unpredictable, and the strongest of strains are known to spread like wild fire.

The CDC recommends that all people receive a yearly flu vaccine, and have called it the most important step in protecting yourself against flu viruses. CVS will be giving out more than $5 million in flu shots to individuals that are not employed.

The deal will come as a team effort between Direct Relief USA, who teamed up with the popular chain of stores to supply clinics across the US with the influenza vaccine. Direct Relief USA is a non-profit organization that is working to strengthen the community clinics and health centers that provide free medicine and medical supplies.

This is the first time that they have teamed up with a company as large as CVS to provide flu vaccines to individuals that wouldn’t be able to afford them otherwise. They released a statement saying that they were glad that they could help care of thousands of people, and that this is one big stop on their way toward building a solid network of local clinics and free medicine.

It will be interesting to see if this deal becomes a yearly offering from CVS and Debt Relief America.

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