Vitamin B Slows Alzheimer’s Onset

Vitamin B Slows Alzheimer’s Onset – A recent study has discovered that massive doses of certain B vitamins may help to delay the onset of certain cognitive disorders that affect memory, such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

The study was conducted by a group of researchers at Oxford University in Britain, where the researchers gave 168 volunteers a vitamin supplement called “TrioBePPLus” that contained nearly 300 times the recommended daily amount of vitamin B12, about four times the recommended amount of folate, and 15 times the recommended about of B6.

The group took the pills consecutively for two years.
The end results of the study showed that the amount of shrinking and atrophy in the patients who had taken the supplement were slightly lower than in those who had taken the placebo. For those on the supplement, brain shrinkage was 0.76 percent, compared to the 1.08 percent of those volunteers that were taking a placebo.

The memory and cognitive development of the patients was not tested, however, there was a link between the amount of brain shrinkage and the scores on certain mental tests.
Although brain shrinkage is a normal occurrence in elderly people, alcohol can make the process occur faster, it is unknown whether or not B vitamins help repair that damage.

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