Gabrielle Giffords More Alert: Doctor

Doctors for Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords state the wounded wife of Space Shuttle Captain Mark E. Kelly has started on her journey of a long road to recover after being shot during an assassination attempt by an Arizona man.

Giffords was shot in the head and survived and is surprisingly responsive during her convalescence. The report from CBS News focuses on the new technologies for such rehabilitation which are bringing about faster and greater treatments for victims of such devastating injuries.

The report points out that a few decades ago such rehabilitation was just a bit more than physical therapy for victims of such illnesses as strokes and quadriplegics. Nowadays treatments involve the latest state of the art technologies and medications that are improving the lives of victims who otherwise might not recover.

The press and medical community are sure to keep close tabs on the Congresswoman’s progress as it’s sure to open more doors and communication regarding these types of treatments. The high profile case of Giffords’ is shedding new public light on such injuries and such exposure could herald in more concern and funding for research.

The past ten years of warfare has also raised the bar in gunshot wound and other weapons injuries and the treatments available and those on the horizon.

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