Sleeping Next To Pets Unhealthy: Study

A recent study has revealed that those who regularly sleep next to their pets could be making themselves particularly vulnerable and open to getting sick.

Although it doesn’t happen very often, doctors and researchers agree that demonstrating good hygiene means separating yourself from your pets when you go to bed at night.

A majority of American homeowner’s have pets and anywhere from 14-62 percent of them allow their cats or dogs to sleep with them in bed. Bruno Chomel who is a professor at the University of California-Davis says that it could be dangerous and pet-owners are advised against it.

Chomel says that there should be private designated areas for people and for pets and the bed you sleep in should be reserved only for you and your significant other.

Chomel who is the chief veterinarian with the California Department of Health claims to have seen a lot of things in his time, even cases where people who allow their pets to sleep with them get sick as a result.

Though there are only a handful of parasites or viruses that can jump from cat/dog to human, it does happen from time to time. As the old expression says, “sleep with the dogs and you wake up with the fleas”.

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