George Soros Marijuana Support: Proposition 19 $1 Million Donation

George Soros Marijuana Support: Proposition 19 $1 Million Donation – A recent announcement was made, saying that George Soros, a billionaire who was born in Hungary, recently donated a million dollars to the “Proposition 19” campaign that is seeking to legalize marijuana in California

The ballots on November 2 will contain an area for Californians to vote on whether or not Marijuana should be legalized in the State, a move that The Drug Policy Alliance is hoping for. The group’s main focus is to decriminalize the use of drugs in the United States. The group also confirmed that Soros had donated the million dollars to the “Proposition 19” campaign.

Soros earlier announced that he would be supporting the movement in the Wall Street Journal, although he did not give details about what his support would look like. Soros issued a statement to the magazine, saying, “Regulating and taxing marijuana would simultaneously save taxpayers billions of dollars in enforcement and incarcerations costs, while providing billions of dollars in revenue annually.”

He went on to say that legalizing marijuana would “also reduce crime, violence and corruption associated with drug markets, and the violations of civil liberties and human rights that occur when large numbers of otherwise law abiding citizens are subject to arrest. Police could focus on serious crime instead.”

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