Girl 10 Gives Birth In Spain

Last week a 10 year old girl give birth to a baby in the city of Jerez de la Frontera, located in southern Spain.
At the very young age of 10, she is already making headlines for being one of the youngest mothers.
The young Spaniard who is originally from Romania has given birth to a baby last Tuesday in the town of Jerez, Andalusia and according to Micaela Navarro, the Andalusia region’s social affairs minister .

Navarro added that the young mother (who was already pregnant when she arrived in Spain) and her child are “in perfect health” and have left the hospital to be with her family who were apparently shocked by the girl’s “big surprise”.

Local newspaper Diario de Jerez revealed that the girl who had sexual relations with a minor gave birth to a baby of 6.39 pounds, did not need a cesarean section and was discharged from hospital this past weekend.

The authorities are now trying to figure out whether the the family has enough resources to provide for the new mother and child or do they the social services step in and help or do they go as far as removing the child from the family.

Seeing that the mother is under 13 – there is a possibility that the father can be prosecuted for abuse.

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