Glucose Test Strips: Abbott Laboratories Recall 2010

Recently there was a mass recall of glucose test strips from Abbott Laboratories. The Chicago-based company ended up pulling over 359 million strips because they may have problems with giving false low reading for those who have diabetes.

As of right now 22 cases of false test results have been reported and there are expected to be more within the next few days. Abbott Laboratories originally made the announcement on Wednesday, saying that they are recalling the millions of strips because of the chance that they will show false positives when it comes to low glucose levels.

The false test outcome could lead to people trying to raise their sugar levels unnecessarily which can be dangerous for those who don’t have to.

It could also prevent people from getting enough glucose into their body when they need it the most which health officials say could be extremely dangerous, leading to the mass recall of the strips.

The company made a statement, claiming that they would rather play it safe and recall all of the strips until they can be examined more thoroughly for any technical glitches which could account for all the reports of false test results that are coming in.

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