Pat Robertson Marijuana Legalization Semi-Endorsement

Pat Robertson said that even though he does not condone the arresting of people who smoke marijuana, it does not mean that he advocates the behavior itself.

The televangelist went on to explain that too many people are getting locked up for non-violent crimes with no victim whatsoever.

He said that it is ridiculous the sentences that some people are getting for smoking just a little bit of marijuana. Robertson made it clear that he does not condone drug use of any kind; however he does not believe that thousands of people across the country should be imprisoned and punished just for smoking marijuana now and then.

He went on to say that these prison sentences for non-violent offenders are ruining the lives of young people who happen to be engaging in this type of behavior.

Pro-marijuana groups have come out in support of Robertson’s position and embraced his recent message that was somewhat unexpected by many people who are familiar with his work.

Ethan Nadelmann who is the executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance said that his position on drugs is a step forward because millions of people listen to him and could be influenced by his opinions on the issue.

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