Buying Breast Milk Online? FDA Issues Warning

Mothers now have a new online entrepreneurial opportunity: selling their breast milk for profit. Sites like and profit from the sale of breast milk.

At a glance, looks like any other classifieds page. However, it is more uniquely the classifieds page for breast milk. Apparently, selling of breast milk has not taken off on an international scale, as there are no sellers featured outside of the U.S. allows you to choose the age range the babies whose generous mothers have decided to sell their breast milk on the site. has expanded internationally with Facebook chapters in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, along with the United States.

The FDA has issued warnings against purchasing breast milk online, saying that this may not be the safest of decisions. The agency warns that it is unlikely that the milk has been screened for infectious diseases or other types of contamination.

Yet, informal breast milk sharing seems to have predated its rise on the internet.
Some mothers strongly adhere to the belief that human milk is better for babies than formulas.
If you’re going to go this route, the FDA recommends going through Human Milk Banking Association of North America, a group that screens and questions the donors.

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