Dr. Manuel De Jesus Aquino Prescribed Pot To Pregnant Woman: Complaint

A Colorado doctor may lose his medical license for prescribing a 20-year-old pregnant woman marijuana.
Marijuana has recently flooded the news after the failed ballot initiative, Proposition 19.

The issue over the medicinal use of the drug extends beyond the state of California.

In Denver, Colorado, Dr. Manuel De Jesus Aquino stands accused of prescribing medical marijuana to a woman, who was 6 months pregnant.

The mother gave birth in April, upon which she tested positive for marijuana. The baby had some initial feeding difficulties and it remains undecided as to whether the mother will be charged with any kind of wrongdoing.

Aquino was arrested in July after writing medical marijuana prescriptions to two undercover police officers. Suspicion has surrounded the doctor for writing the prescriptions when they are not necessarily needed.

As such, the mother, who remains unidentified, was only 20-years-old upon receiving the prescription from Aquino.

Aquino may be the first doctor in the state of Colorado to lose his medical license for prescribing medical marijuana.

His profile on the Colorado Division of Registrations’ website looks almost like an advertisement, as it says he specializes in recommending medical marijuana.

Aquino has been practicing medicine since 1974 and has since issued countless prescriptions for the drug. However, he may not be practicing medicine any more.

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