Marijuana Growing Operation In SoCal: 5 Arrested

A Los Angeles travel agency as well as a clothing store has been discovered to be nothing but fronts for a pot-growing operation.

Police from Glendale say that Blue Seas travel as well as Fast Fashion clothing had been made into a place where the owners could easily cultivate marijuana plants with a full set of grow lights as well as ventilation for the near 400 pot plants that were discovered.

There were another 400 plants that were found in one of the apartments of the men who owned the shops. Both of the men who have been charged were put in jail on a $30,000 bail.

Although the owner of a local dry cleaning store which is located across the street says that he never saw anything suspicious, he did say that the stores were always closed.

Police say that this occurrence is not the first time that they have seen shops like these fronting as drug operations for growing pot plants.

The discovery has resulted in a possession and intent to distribute charge which could land both the men in prison for a long time because of the number of plants that were discovered in the two stores as well as in one of the apartments.

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