Rolf’s Patisserie Desserts FDA Recall 2010

Rolf’s Patisserie desserts recently issued a recall on some of their foods, according to the U.S Food and Drug Administration which made the announcement on Christmas day.

Apparently the cause of the recall was food poisoning and a number of advisories to consumers were written on the packages themselves so nobody ate them.

The bacteria which the desserts are infected with are able to cause symptoms that range from vomiting to stomach cramps and they can last anywhere between one to three days.

There were a number of consumers who ended up purchasing these desserts after the first of November, they are told to throw away whatever they have from this company due to the fact that the products are most likely infected with the harmful bacteria.

Consumers were told to be especially careful because some of the desserts From Rolf’s Patisserie is under different names, so it can be quite difficult to tell which are which.

The infection of the desserts came as a shock to some who did not think there was a problem with the packaging process; however that is now being investigated by the FDA who has failed to comment any further except to tell consumers not to eat the desserts.

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