Bigger Amygdala Linked To Busy Social

A recent study has revealed that those who have more of a social life than others tend to have a bigger volume in a certain part of their brain, at least according to scans that have been done on multiple people.

Apparently there is more volume in the amygdala of the brain in people who are involved with large social networks. Certain scientists have suggested that this part of the brain may have evolved over time for this explicit purpose and this recent study is going even farther to prove that.

This study involved 58 different people of varying age and brain size, finding a very noticeable difference in the size of each person’s amygdala which apparently corresponds with their social life.

The amygdala of the brain has been established to be connected with emotions and mental state, so it comes as no surprise to many that this part of the brain would have more volume for these people.

All of the people who volunteered for the study were healthy individuals of varying age. Researchers found that this part of the brain is in direct proportion to the kind of social lives that these people have and it is a groundbreaking discovery that could lead to a lot of interesting things.

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