Harry Potter Condoms? Warner Bros. Says ‘No Way’ With Lawsuit

A Swiss company is under fire for copyright infringement for the packaging of their Magic X condoms, which Warner Bros alleges has been made to resemble fictional character Harry Potter.

Warner Bros has said that the packaging is obviously a reference to the book series and movie, the franchise of which is worth tens of billions of dollars. They have stated that they clearly believe that there is a danger to their image by allowing the condoms to continue using the packaging.

But Magic X has said, through their attorney, that there is nothing to do with Harry Potter in their product whatsoever, and that it is a coincidence.

This is, without a doubt, total bull. One look at the packaging will show that they intended consumers to think of Harry Potter when they saw it. The Magic X condoms come with the picture of a little cartoon condom person waving a magic wand in glasses.

Now, had it been this much alone, I could see them claiming it had nothing to do with it, even if it would be pushing it. But there is also the text along the front of the package, which says ‘Harry Popper’.

Given the obvious similarities, I don’t think it is too much for Warner Bros to assume that people will look at the Magic X condoms and think of their brand. Considering they are about to release the first part of the seventh movie in the series, Part I of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, they are, of course, going to sue for something like this.

I am not usually that supportive on Warner Bros and their money grabbing tactics, but come on.

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