Binge Drinking & Death Risk Linked in Those With High Blood Pressure

It’s common knowledge in this day and age that binge drinking is bad for your health. You feel the affects at the time of drinking, and you definitely feel it the day after. However, for those that suffer from Hypertension, the risk of death caused from hypertension becomes 12 fold.

“In this study, binge drinking was defined as having 6 or more alcoholic drinks on 1 occasion,” note the investigators led by Jae Woong Sull, PhD, from Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. “Classified by this definition, 20.4% of male subjects were binge drinkers. When re-categorized by weekly pure alcohol consumption, male binge drinkers having 6 or more drinks on 1 occasion were 354 of 558 (63.4%).”

Currently, there’s quite a bit of evidence found from studies and research that point to binge drinking leading to cardiovascular disease, and this just adds another study to that list. “Moderate” drinking has been found to be beneficial, however many of these studies have mixed results due to not taking into account drinking patterns of those studied.

There wasn’t an increase of the chances of having a stroke, according to the study, which surprised the researchers involved.

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