Liam Derbyshire: Boy Can’t Sleep Without Dying (Central Hypoventilation Syndrome)

Liam Derbyshire is a normal boy. He goes to school, he plays with friends, and he likes all the usual things boys his age tend to.

But there is one thing different about Liam: he stops breathing in his sleep.

One of only 300 children globally with the condition of Central Hypoventilation Syndrome, Liam stop breathing every time he loses consciousness, even for a short time. All doctors say it is incredible that he has managed to live to the age of 11.

“It’s quite amazing. I would say he’s unique worldwide,” his physician, Dr. Garry Connett said of Liam.

But he has had it far from easy. When he was younger, he suffered from a form of cancer which required aggressive treatment. Now, he is active, but he must have a battery operated ventilator at all times, in case he falls asleep on a car trip, or loses consciousness for any reason.

At night, he is hooked up to a life support machine, and a caretaker watches him so his family can sleep. It has cost his family thousands, and he has to be watched continually to make sure he is safe from his condition, which could be fatal.

But, while it has been a long road, he is a remarkable boy who has been able to live a relatively normal life despite the condition. He has also offered doctors the chance to see an incredibly rare and misunderstood condition.

It is an amazing jump from his birth, when his parents were told he wouldn’t make it past 6 weeks. He has truly been able to beat the odds.

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