Keele Maynor Breast Cancer Hoax

Keele Maynor Breast Cancer Hoax – A forty thirty nine year old woman from Chattanooga, Tennessee has been sentenced to forty two months in prison for carrying out an elaborate breast cancer hoax, in what she claims was a bid for attention.

The four hour hearing concluded with Keele Maynor being sentenced to a forty two month term of which she must serve a minimum of a third of that sentence before she is eligible for parole, as well as being given ten years probation in which she must begin paying three hundred dollars a month.

The woman made claims that her actions were the result of being emotionally abused as a teenager by her mother, and sexual abuse from her step brother. In her tearful testimony she added that it was a bid for attention. However, she collected thousands of dollars from cancer charities and also had a bank account set up for her by a breast cancer survivor so that she could pay the bills whenever she needed to.

The true dignity of the breast cancer survivor was truly displayed when she walked over and hugged the con artist.

Maynor claimed that the money that she had collected from various cancer charities and silent auctions was used to buy Christmas presents for her three children. It is reported that she seemed genuinely sorry, but the excuse that she gave certainly does not justify the crimes that she has committed, not in the slightest.

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