Johnny Concepcion Suspected Killer Did Not Get A New Liver

A spokesperson has denied claims that suspected killer Johnny Concepcion received a liver transplant. Claims were made that Concepcion, accused of stabbing his wife to death, had received a new liver after he attempted suicide by drinking rat poison.

Of course, the story caused a lot of outrage with some people thinking that the suspected murderer got jumped to the top of the waiting list leaving people without a life saving transplant.

In some cases, those who have been poisoned will be moved to the top of a waiting list because poison can kill faster than chronic illnesses. However, a spokesperson said that the claims that were made in the media were false. He did not answer any more questions or elaborate further on the situation but his is likely to be due to patient doctor confidentiality. However, the hospital firmly denied that any transplant was given to Concepcion.

It is not known if the suspected killer had been moved to a different hospital where he may have received a transplant. Other people have made comments regarding he situation claiming that it is the fault of politics that Concepcion was still alive, and not he fault of the doctors. It is unclear what is going to happen next but more details are expected in the following couple of days.

Several online news websites have taken down the stories that were originally written about the claim.

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