Low-Dose Aspirin May Lower Cancer Deaths

Most people already know the benefits that Aspirin holds for the heart, but most people don’t realize what it could potentially do to stop cancer. Recent data suggests that Aspirin could become a cancer-fighting agent and therefore prevent many deaths from occurring.

There was a study of over 25,000 people which was published in a British medical journal that revealed some interesting things about the drug commonly used to relieve mild pain. The overall number of deaths of people with cancer was lowered significantly, over 21 percent, in those who took Aspirin for a minimum of five years.
One of the professors who were involved with the study said that he was surprised at just how effective the drug was at treating cancer and preventing it from becoming worse.

Long-term death in 10 percent of prostate cancer patients was also significantly reduced over the course of 20 years and for lung cancer patients it was 30 percent.

Colorectal cancer patients had a 40 percent change of living with the use of Aspirin and those with esophageal cancer had a 60 percent chance of living.

This recent study has huge implications for the future of cancer-treatment and is certainly being studied by researchers and scientists all over the world.

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