Chicken Recall 2010: Bumble Bee Lunch On The Run Chicken Salad Recalls

One of the largest recalls of chicken salad in U.S history was recently announced, bringing the total up to 72,000 pounds which were taken off the shelves due to health violations of U.S food and safety code.

The recall was issued by The Suter Company and they are recalling a number of 8.2 ounce packages of their Bumble Bee Lunch on the Run Chicken Salad.

The U.S Department of Agriculture released a statement to the media about the recall of the chicken salad, saying that the inspection process is under investigation and that the food is not safe for people to eat until further analysis has been done.

The Suter Company has headquarters in Illinois, though it ships all over the country, making the recall much more massive and difficult to coordinate.

Starting August 14th packages of the chicken salad were mailed out to various distributors to be sold; however that has changed with the recent news of possibly contaminated chicken salad as the result of an erroneous inspection process.

The recall is the result of various complaints from people who say that they have found loose plastic in the containers, prompting concerns from the company that people may choke on the food as a result.

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