Aretha Franklin Doing Well Thanks To Prayers

Aretha Franklin’s recent mystery surgery went well according to the singer, and she says that God deserves much of the credit. The still ailing singer said that God is still in control and he played a very large part in making the surgery a total success.

Although she is being very hush hush about the procedure, she said that it did go well and that she is happy with how everything turned out.

Although Franklin says that she is still alive and healthy because of a divine power, research that has studied the effect of prayer on health says that she should have actually done worse than she did.

The study which examined people undergoing procedures who were prayed for by people they didn’t know found that a majority of them did not do very well when healing. Exactly on third of the total people in the study received what is called “intercessory prayer” after being told that they might receive prayer.

There were a total of 1,802 patients involved in the study who had some religious belief and were undergoing a procedure of some sort. The rate of complications was found to be higher in people who knew that they were being prayed for by other people.

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