Carnie Wilson Fired By Fresh Diet

Carnie Wilson who has experienced a lot of fame and success with her new Christmas album that was just released was canned by the company Fresh Diet for promoting a number of cheese cakes while also promoting diet products.

The company said that Wilson was fired as the result of not losing enough weight, something which she was supposed to do as a spokesperson of their products. A publicist for the company said that because Wilson did not make the cut and lose enough weight, they had to split with her immediately.

A representative for Wilson said that she had lost a total of 19 pounds and that the company did in fact break the binding contract she signed with them.

Wilson has definitely struggled to keep the extra weight off and it is something which millions of other Americans who have problems with obesity can relate to. Carnie Wilson who is just 5’3 tall once weighed over 300 bounds, according to one source.

After she received gastric bypass surgery, her weight dropped one hundred and fifty pounds and the singer said that she had never felt better in her entire life because of her decision to get the procedure done which helped her become healthier and look better overall.

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