Tilting Your Head And Sexiness Linked

In an interesting development, a recent study revealed that tilting your head during a date can in fact make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Research shows that women’s faces are found to be slightly more attractive when viewed from a forward angle, while men’s faces are more attractive from a backwards angle. The research is more than just dating advice though; it says something important about the very evolution of mankind.

Scientists say that the head tilting theory provides us with useful information as a 21st century civilization that has grown and evolved over many years.

It is just another piece of information that will help us to become more self-aware and the study will next examine whether or not people currently use this method in real life attraction scenarios.

Although some shrug the research off as nonsense, others are excited about its implications. There is no doubt that researchers intend on pursuing the study further to see just where it goes, something that has quite a few people excited about the possible results and what they could end up meaning.

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