Stomach Bands For Weight Loss: FDA Expansion

Recently the Food and Drug Administration made a decision which will make gastric band surgery more accessible to those who are struggling with weight problems. The procedure has become more and more popular since it was first introduced as a way to lose weight without having to diet or make any lifestyle changes whatsoever.

Tracy Brosnan is just one woman who has lost over 70 pounds due to the fact that she has had this surgery done. There are over 200,000 annual weight loss surgeries performed in the U.S and the number is one the rise, in part because of the FDA.

The gastric band device which has helped so many to lose weight in the past utilized a rather simple design and it doesn’t pose an immediate threat to anyone that has it put in their bodies. As a result of the FDA meeting which took place on Friday, thousands more people throughout the U.S could gain access to this procedure.

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