Male Menopause – Real For 5 Million Men In US

Male Menopause – Real For 5 Million Men In US – It has recently been found that male menopause—once thought to be a myth—is actually a real condition and it affects more than 5 million men in the United States. The symptoms of male menopause are often similar to those of menopause in women, and can include fatigue, mood swings, weight gain, and a lower sex drive. Unfortunately, there is such a strong belief that male menopause is not a real condition; therefore many men find themselves without a diagnosis or a treatment.

Male menopause is technically known as male hypogonadism, and it occurs when the testicles stop producing enough of the testosterone hormone. Although this hormone is found in men and women, it is considered the “male hormone”. When testosterone drops, men often experience the symptoms and effects of menopause.
Female menopause occurs when ovulation ends, and hormone production begins to decline.

However, the hormone levels drop rapidly in women, whereas men experience this shift more gradually. Male testosterone begins to drop about 1 percent a year, beginning in their 30s. By the time a man hits his 70s, his testosterone levels can drop by 50 percent compared to baseline levels.

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