Marijuana Bust In Mexico: 105 Tons Of POT Seized

Marijuana Bust In Mexico: 105 Tons Of POT Seized – Police in Mexico have seized more than one hundred and five tons of cannabis after catching out drug traffickers. Reports have said that the haul was seized after a shoot out on the US border. Apparently, the street value of the amount that was recovered from the drug traffickers could be around $340 million. This latest seize has been the largest haul in years, officials say. In the last three years just one hundred and thirty tons of cannabis has been seized, but this is just one haul.

Reports state that more than ten thousand packages of cannabis were discovered in the haul. Apparently, if these drugs were sold on the streets of the United States, they could potentially be worth triple the amount stated above. In the shoot-out, which involved Mexican police and gun men from seven vehicles, eleven men were arrested. Reports suggest that some of the drugs discovered were actually found on these trucks.

The latest event has called many things into question. However, what it does show is that active measures are being taken out in order to try and prevent drugs getting into the country. Fortunately, this massive haul was confiscated, but if it were to have gotten on to the streets of the US then who knows what might have happened. It is expected that more details of the arrests and haul will be released as they come to light.

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