Marijuana Not A Gateway Drug

Marijuana Not A Gateway Drug – In recent years there have been many reports about how those who smoke marijuana on a regular basis usually end up going on to take harder, more serious drugs. Of course, this is true in many cases, as there have been many reports where people have started off smoking cannabis and then gone on to things like heroin and cocaine. However, a new report has suggested that pot isn’t necessarily a gateway drug that would lead on to other substances. It suggests that cannabis does not play a major role in leading people on to other things.

Researchers claimed that there are other factors which would play bigger roles in leading people on to harder drugs. There were many things that they pointed out as contributing factors such as stress levels, ethnic background, and many other things were more likely to lead young people on to harder drugs and other substances. The report also suggested that unemployment rates could play a part in the use of drugs. It also claimed that ethnicity played the biggest role, saying that white people were the most likely to use drugs, followed by Hispanics, and black people.

These new findings have made it unclear as to whether or not cannabis is a gateway drug. However, it is definitely true that a huge majority of cannabis users will go on to try harder drugs. Whether or not they carry on using them regularly is a different story.

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