Modified Salmon Is Safe Says FDA

Modified Salmon Is Safe Says FDA – The Food and Drug Administration has concluded that salmon that has been genetically engineered to grow quickly is both safe to eat, and poses very little risk to the environment and nature.Their assessment means that genetically altered salmon could become the first genetically modified animal to enter the American food supply. The report stated that they found no evidence that the fish was any more dangerous than convention salmon that grow at a normal rate.

The genetically altered salmon would be able to grow to full size in 16 to 18 months, instead of the usual 30 months that the process takes. The developer of the technology, AquaBounty Technologies has stood behind their work, and has maintained that they believe it to be safe based on their internal testing.
They have been trying for years to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration, and it now appears that they are one step closer. Now, they will prepare for three days of public meetings that will allow the public to raise concerns regarding the genetically altered salmon.

An official decision will be made just a few short weeks after the meetings, but even after that, it may take up to three years for the salmon to reach American Supermarkets. The FDA could elect to allow the salmon through, but with the fact that the fish was genetically altered displayed via sticker on the case. A number of fishery and environmental groups have announced their opposition to the genetically altered salmon over the course of the last few weeks. It will be interesting to see what issues are conveyed at the public meetings.

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