Mental Health Neglect Says W.H.O.

Mental Health Neglect Says W.H.O. – The World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) has spoken recently, regarding mental health worldwide. The W.H.O. revealed how many people who are mentally ill are going without proper care, and that not much is being done to help them through out there life. Millions of sufferers of various mental illnesses do not get the proper help that they need, and the W.H.O plans to “change the landscape” and make mental health care much better in the future.

“One in four people are affected by mental, neurological disorders or substance abuse in their lifetime,” said WHO Assistant Director General Ala Alwan.

The WHO estimates that 150 million people suffer from depression — 95 million of them in developing nations — 40 million from epilepsy, 20 million from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease among a host of mental or neurological disorders.

“Efforts to close the mental health gap have been impeded by a widespread assumption that improvements in mental health require sophisticated and expensive technologies, delivered in highly specialized settings by highly specialized staff,” said WHO Director General Chan.

“We face a misplaced perception that mental health intervention is a luxury,” she added pledging to challenge that attitude.

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