Michael Douglas Throat Cancer: Stage 4 Throat Cancer Prognosis

Michael Douglas Throat Cancer: Stage 4 Throat Cancer Prognosis – Throat cancer that is deemed to be in stage 4 is a very serious matter.

In order to treat the condition, the individual will likely need some combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatment. Throat cancer at this stage will also likely require the removal of the pharynx, larynx, and in some cases both. Those procedures are often required for many individuals who come down with larynx cancer.

In some cases, the cancer will spread to the lymph nodes, which makes a bad situation even more dire. In this case, a surgery that is called “neck dissection” will be required in order for the cancerous cells to be removed. After the surgery is completed, the individual will likely need some form of radiation treatment to remove the additional leftover cancer cells.

Following most throat cancer surgeries, the individual will need to learn new ways to speak. Many find it difficult to vocalize for quite some time after the surgery, and many will require voice aids. Some even need to learn new breathing techniques and the surgeries drastically change the inside of the throat. A small percentage of patients will require additional surgeries to restructure the inside of the throat to make it possible for food to pass into the stomach.

Throat cancer is generally much easier to treat in the early stages of its development. The early signs of throat cancer include changes in voice, large lumps that form in the inside of the mouth, constant sore throat and a thickening of swelling of the cheeks as a result of the cancer.

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