Money and Happiness Linked: $75,000 Needed To Be Happy

Money and Happiness Linked: $75,000 Needed To Be Happy – A new study has revealed that the old adage, “Money can’t buy you happiness”, is actually wrong. Researchers have found that people’s emotional well-being increases with their income, up to about $75,000.

According to the survey, it is difficult for people who make less than that to be happy, simply because the “better life” is often thrown in their faces.

450,000 Americans were surveyed throughout 2008 and 2009, and asked questions that pertained to their every day happiness and overall satisfaction with their life. The study found that people’s happiness increased as the amount of money they were making increased, but that actual happiness seemed to level out around $75,000.

However, that didn’t stop their overall sense of well-being from continuing to grow with their income.

Angus Deaton is an economist at the Center for Health and Wellbeing at Princeton University, and was one of the researchers working on the study. He remarked, “Giving people more income beyond 75K is not going to do much for their daily mood…but it is going to make them feel they have a better life.”

According to the researchers, they conducted the survey because they wanted to learn more about economic growth.

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