Mylanta Recall 2010 : Johnson & Johnson Recalls Expand

Johnson & Johnson experienced some more trouble with recalls recently, being forced to take 12 million bottles of Mylanta off the shelves and thousands more of AlternaGel antacids.

The company says that taking such action was necessary to protect consumers and live up to their standard of quality and excellence which they have been known for.

The recall was the direct result of alcohol in some of the flavoring agents that some observed on the packaging of the products. On their website the company has claimed that the chances of adverse effects from using any of their products are highly unlikely and that they are not worried.

While multiple retail stores and wholesalers have been required to take these products off their shelves immediately, the company says that they are still safe to use and encourage people to keep buying regularly as they always have in the past.

A total of 200 million bottles of Johnson & Johnson products were recalled, taken off the shelves from both retail and wholesale locations.

This recent recall has hurt the company’s image, perhaps irreversibly, so it will never be the same again. Although they are trying to do as much damage control as possible, they may find it difficult to overcome this recent loss.

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