Nap Nanny Recall 2010

Nap Nanny Recall 2010 – Those of you who bought a Nap Nanny should be aware that a mass recall has been initiated for the first generation products.

The recall began after a four-month-old baby girl was found hanging from the harness, trapped between the Nap Nanny and the crib bumper. This is one of several reported injuries or deaths associated with the product in recent months.

Baby Matters, the company that manufactures the product, has released a statement saying that all first generation Nap Nannies should not be used, and that the company can be contacted for a $80 off the $130 retail price of a new one.

Those with a second generation Nap Nanny should stop using it until they have visited the website, which gives instructions for the proper uses and safety precautions for the product.
According to the website, the Nap Nanny is only to be used by infant weighing 8 pounds or more, who have head and torso control. They are not to be used in cribs, playpens, or uneven surfaces, as there is a fall and suffocation hazard.

The point of the Nap Nanny is to be placed on the floor beside a parent, where they can sleep without blankets for a nap.

It comes with a harness system that attached over the front of and around the child, to keep them in place. However, there is some risk of the baby moving enough to fall over the side, and suffocate if unattended.

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