Neck Measure Indicates Body Fat?

Neck Measure Indicates Body Fat? – Your BMI can accurately tell your body fat percentage, at least that’s what we’ve believed to be the truth. Body fat percentages are important when you’re trying to calculate your healthy body weight and cut down on fats in your diet. Recent studies suggest that the amount of excess body fat you have on your neck might actually be more accurate in telling your overall body fat percentage than BMI results.
There have been many complaints about body mass index results over the years. Some users report inaccurate results, flawed characteristics and many other complaints. Researchers have said many times over that BMI’s do not actually calculate body fat.

Rather, it deems athletes and those who have excess muscle to have fat when in reality, it’s muscle. Another common misconception from BMI reports is the amount of body fat that older people have. It’s no secret that when you get older, you lose muscle and you gain fat. However, BMI results will many times underestimate the amount of fat an older individual has.
Studies that were just published on Monday suggest that Pediatrics have discovered another, far easier way to calculate body fat. The answer relies within measuring your neck and the circumference around it. Everyone has different sized necks and differing measurements but by comparing your neck circumference to what a healthy, low fat neck circumference for your build should be you can accurately judge how healthy your body fat percentage is. Wide necks are of course associated with obesity and being overweight. If you have high body fat percentages then you’re more likely to suffer from sleep apnea, diabetes and other health related conditions.

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