O.B. Tampon Shortage

Women all over the country have been searching for o.b tampons in vain. Since last fall the tampons have disappeared off shelves and women who walk into the feminine hygiene section are mystified as to why they can’t find them.

Previously the tampons were extremely popular because of their ability to cater to the needs of women going through their period, but now it seems they are out of luck. Women who have gotten really desperate for the tampons are bidding on eBay, spending over $70 for just one pack.

One freelance writer, Janessa Wilson who is 40 years old said that they are completely gone and are nowhere to be found.

Women from all over have said that they have searched far and wide but cannot find the tampons that they have come to know and love over the years. Johnson & Johnson which is the company that makes o.b tampons hasn’t revealed much as to why they have completely disappeared off shelves, saying that they are currently experiencing a shortage due to the overwhelming popularity of them.

Apparently there is some sort of manufacturing problem that has been holding up getting more of them in stock to drugstores all across the country but it is expected to be corrected eventually.

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