Pregnancy Obesity leads to Obese Babies

Pregnancy Obesity leads to Obese Babies – Scientists in America have discovered that mum’s to be who put on too much weight during their pregnancy could be putting their baby’s health at risk, because it apparently causes the baby to become too heavy.

It is said that in the past, it was not clear whether there was a direct link between the mother’s weight and the babies health, and it was thought that it was just genetics.

However, the study has shown that every pound that the mother gains causes the weight of the baby to increase too.

The study also claimed that the heavier a baby is when it is actually born, the more likely it is that that child is going to suffer with problems with obesity throughout the rest of their life.

Here in the United Kingdom there are actually no guidelines as to how much weight a mother to be should be putting on during the pregnancy, butt in America there are guidelines. Although this is new information, many mothers to be are still going to struggle for several reasons.

Firstly, women in the United Kingdom need to have some sort of guideline as to how much weight they should be gaining throughout their pregnancy, and many women already have issues with their weight.

The information from the study is going to be very interesting to many people and could change the ways mothers to be look after themselves during their pregnancy.

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