Prop 19 Status: California Proposition 19 Poll Numbers & Results Coming

Prop 19 Status: California Proposition 19 Poll Numbers & Results Coming – During Tuesday’s elections, Californians took the polls the pick a new Congresswoman, elect a new governor and decide the fate of proposal 19 which aims to legalize the use and cultivation of marijuana in the state.
While the young Californians are hoping that the state would vote “Yes” on the controversial measure, a survey that was released on Tuesday by the Field Institute of California found that 49% of voters planned to vote against the legalization of marijuana.

According to backers of Proposition 19, if they lose in this election, they will try again in 2012.
The referendum on the substance, which would authorize residents over 21 years old to cultivate, possess, consume and purchase the drug was met with a lot of criticism – which would explain why the proposal will not pass (we do not have the official results as yet).

According to early exit polls, only 11 percent of voters named Proposition 19 as the reason why they came out to vote and voters between the age of 18 to 39 who are generally in favor of the initiative did not show up to cast their ballots.

The majority of people who are against prop 19 told pollsters that the free consumption of marijuana would increases the risk of accidents, have consequences in the workplace and create a legal platform for drug traffickers in California.

While sponsors of the measure insist that it would be an important source of revenue for a state where the consumption of prescribed cannabis is legal.
Even if prop 19 does succeed it would be in conflict with federal law, which still consider cannabis as a prohibited substance.


California Proposition 19 lost 44 – 56. Marijuana recreational use will not be legal in the state.

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