Pumpkin Pie Helps Live Longer

Many people who enjoy eating pumpkin pie will be delighted to learn that Men’s Health Magazine has claimed that it can actually help those who eat it live longer lives. Apparently the alpha-carotene is one of the natural ingredients which are also found in many orangish-yellow fruits that make for a healthy body.

Beat-carotene which is related to the previous ingredient has also been found to offer numerous health benefits, including certain cancer-fighting agents that could also help people to live longer and healthier lives. There are mixed studies on the subject though, including ones that find that it actually increases a likelihood of developing cancer.

It is no news for many researchers that various compounds which naturally occur in some fruits have health benefits for those who eat them. Certain researchers at the CDC have taken a closer look at what alpha-carotene can do for the body if it is consumed regularly over a long enough period of time.

What they found was that by consuming pumpkin pie, there is a reduced risk of developing many illnesses and living a longer healthier life, something which many people will be happy to hear because of how much they love the traditional Thanksgiving pie.

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