Merck Once-Daily HIV Drug Study Stopped

Merck & Co. recently stated that they will put a stop to the daily dosages of their new HIV miracle drug, as it has not been shown to be effective as the alternative regimen which means administering it twice each day instead of only once. The company did express their disappointment that a daily regimen of the drug did not prove to be as effective as the twice daily regimen; however they are still hopeful and in good spirits. At one point the company was ready to file for approval for the once daily regimen of the drug, but that is no longer going to happen.

A spokesperson for Merck said that they would discuss all of the results with certain regulatory agencies to see what will happen from here. As a result of the recent announcement, shares in the company fell by 33 cents, totaling 1 percent.

Despite the economic and scientific setbacks, an analyst for Merck said that it wouldn’t have a very significant impact on their sales forecast for the company. The failed study put forth by Merck attempted to prove the effectiveness of a once daily regimen of the drug but apparently did not succeed in doing so.

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