Vitamin D: High Doses Unnecessary

Doctors who have been recommending vitamin D to prevent such illnesses as heart disease or cancer have just received a sobering dose of reality that might have them changing their perspective on this treatment. There is a new report which states that large doses of Vitamin D don’t do all that much to prevent serious health risks and that it may in fact cause some of them instead.

The study was done by the Institute of Medicine. The institute still recommends it in controlled doses, but says that too much can be risky for certain people who may experience problems with their health afterward.

One doctor from Harvard Medical School said that more of this vitamin is not necessarily a better thing, and that health specialists should understand this when recommending a certain treatment to a patient who is in need.

It has been discovered that Vitamin D has even been tied to colon cancer, a somewhat startling discovery that has many doctors and researchers alike baffled. For years this vitamin which comes from the sun was thought to be the end-all cure for all sorts of ailments, but that may not be the case as recent science suggests, giving doctors a whole new way to look at things.

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