Four Loko On Sale On Craigslist

Fans of the banned alcoholic/caffeinated drink Four Loko are participated in a bidding war online for the last cans to ever be seen in the U.S.

It is apparent that people who are selling them on Craigslist are made out like bandits, selling them by the dozen.

Since the ban was announced all across the U.S, people have been hitting personals and auction websites to find the drink that will no longer be sold in the states.

The ads which people are putting out say that all buyers must be at least 21 years of age, though it is something that is difficult to confirm when selling anything this way.

Some delis across New York are still selling the drink at an increased price of $3 because of the fact that it will soon be banned starting later on this December.

Several stores which were selling Four Loko cleared their shelves of it, even though they were selling each individual can at $8 apiece.

It seems as though fans of this drink will do just about anything they can to get their hands on it, even if it means paying a ridiculous price or buying it online.

The ban comes with overwhelming controversy for those who are sad to see it go off the shelves in the U.S.

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