Resistant Starch Food: New Diet Hit

The question about what are resistant starch foods are can be easily understood after doing a bit of research.

Resistant starch foods pertain to two types of sources. One is found naturally in some foods and some are produced through manufacturing.

Basically they’re foods that are resistant to being digested in the small intestine.

Non-resistant start foods are comprised from high glucose sweet foods that are absorbed quickly by the body and turned into readily available energy for that ‘get up and go’ that these foods are used for by humans and animals.

Known resistant starch foods are bananas.

They get digested in the large intestine instead. This is a fermentation process whereby the calories derived, the energy, is stored in the body or used slowly by the body instead of a rapid utilization.

The benefit is that they make one feel more satiated of full so as not to have one eat more thus increasing the overall caloric content and having the excess stored as fat.

They also have the benefit of shrinking fat cells and causing more fat burning.

They have the additional benefits of increasing muscle mass and controlling blood sugar and keeping cholesterol low.

There’s also the plus side of promoting beneficial bacteria growth allowing for better digestion overall.

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