Sally Davies Happy Meal Project: Unchanged After Six Months

“Good Morning America” featured a segment today with a photographer Sally Davies, who claims that the burger and fries from a happy meal had rotted, but had not decomposed after six months of idle sitting. The report led to a lot of speculation online about what could potentially be contained in the food to make sure that it would not decompose for the long period of time. McDonald tried shooting down the speculation almost as soon as the report went live, responding to the story by saying that their burgers do not contain any preservatives or fillers and are only seasoned with pepper and salt.

The company added that it is impossible to respond to the report without knowing the condition that the food was kept in. They suggested that if the food had dried out, then bacteria and mold would not survive. The media statement that they released seem to be shooting down the conspiracies that had run rampant online throughout the day that the burgers contained some sort of foul material that allowed them to last much longer than one would think they should.

McDonald’s has faced increased public outcry regarding the healthiness and condition of their food. Anyone that has eaten McDonald’s consistently over the course of the last twenty years can see that the quality of their burgers has fallen by the wayside, and now everything tastes artificial and preserved.

Still though, the company maintained that they use 100% USDA inspected beef, and that they do not do anything malicious to the burgers. It will be interesting to see if the report leads to further investigation of the practices of the company.

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